The Importance of the Meta Theme Color

You have probably noticed that on some popular website when visited on mobile, the menu bar in Chrome magically changes its colour to match the primary colour of the page.

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Integrate Google Tag Manager with an existing cookie consent form

Sometimes, Google Tag Manager can be overwhelming. I do like it when it works, but it requires a lot of tinkering before getting the wanted results. Before I start, I must say that I am not an expert in any way with Google Tag Manager, the suggested approach below is just an example of how one can go about solving an issue we experienced working on a project that used VueJS to present the user with a cookie consent banner. We had to provide the user with the option to opt-out or opt-in from certain groups. The “statistics” group included Google Analytics. There might be a prettier solution, however, most of the articles out there only cover scenarios where the website already uses a service such as Cookiebot, OneTrust or other alternatives.

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